Glen L

Hi Bill! Just completed your 5 part webinar & was it fantastic! I originally took your class here in LA in 1992 which was terrific too, but with the internet advances the new Webinar was 10 times as informative. Your teaching style is enjoyable & very easy to understand & put into action immediately.

Also with the info packed handouts I now have my own Handbook for Travel Resources I have not seen anywhere!! Your subjects covered are everything an informed traveler will need to save money on his/her next trip.

I am already starting to plan a trip to the” Italian Riviera” & perhaps Japan now that I know all options. For anyone with an interest in Travel & Saving Money this webinar is perfect.

Thank you Bill for a fun & very interesting webinar series! Let me know when you have new ones?

Shirley S

Bill is a wonderful teacher. He is soft spoken, clear, organized, thorough and patient. He has a lot of useful information to share. You will enjoy this class.

Charles W

After taking Bill Anthony’s travel seminar, I realized that travel does not have to be an arduous, unpleasant or tiring experience. I know now that travel can be easy and enjoyable. Thank you Bill Anthony for your information. 

Frizell C

Some years ago I asked Bill for advice on getting to Miami from Los Angeles as cheaply as possible. He turned me on to an opportunity which existed at the time and, believe or not, I was able to fly to Miami for $50 roundtrip. I was excited! I couldn’t believe it, but it was real! I took the trip.